Nreal Receives Another $40 Million in Funding

Nreal Receives Another $40 Million in Funding

Nreal, a global leader in augmented reality and mixed reality technologies, recently received roughly $40 million in new funding to help develop new headsets and other devices. The story was first broken by TechCrunch, who reported that Kuaishou, a Chinese alternative to TikTok, led the most recent round of funding.

aming.This announcement comes as part of the company's Series B funding push. Fundraising for growing companies is typically divided into a total of three series in addition to seed funding, which comes before the official rounds.

In other words, this is a sign that Nreal is developing a stronger reputation. The firm's press page only goes back to the beginning of 2019, so receiving Series B funding in September 2020 is a sign of quick progress.

Nreal glasses are currently available for a number of Android devices including the LG V50, LG V50S, LG Velvet, Samsung Note20, and Samsung Note20 Ultra. They're compatible with an even longer list of more than 50 apps such as Twitch, Discord, Gmail, Telegram, Google Chrome, Sound Cloud, Pinterest, YouTube Music, Samsung Music, Apple Music, Google Photos, Google Translate, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

In contrast to many other AR and VR brands, Nreal mostly supports productivity, social, and entertainment apps rather than focusing on gaming. Unfortunately, it's hard to say when they'll receive a full release in the United States. For now, you can check out the video below to get a better idea of the device's functionality:

An Nreal consumer kit comes with the glasses themselves in addition to a small touch-sensitive controller and an Android computing unit. Clicking "Order Now" on the Nreal website will redirect you to a Korean vendor, and no western release date has been provided. As usual, we'll update this story whenever we get more information.