New VR puzzle game, Vanishing Grace, will release on Oculus Quest this month

New VR puzzle game, Vanishing Grace, will release on Oculus Quest this month

This month, the Oculus Quest system will be getting another VR puzzle game. Spanish team Monte Perdido Studio is set to release its futuristic puzzler Vanishing Grace.

The game is set in the near future after a solar storm destroyed the planet in 1993. Most people stay in an area called the Citadel for protection. Players will take control of a civil servant called Joel who decides to look for his childhood friend Grace who’s gone missing in the remnants of the rest of the world.

To do this, you travel inside Grace’s old vehicle, the puzzles that you encounter in the gameplay are focused on stopping it falling apart and collecting magnetic energy to keep the thing going. You achieve this by using a futuristic boomerang to collect the energy from stones that float in wasteland that you are travelling through.

The developers, Monte Perdido Studio, said in a statement: “As players, we are a little tired of the fact that a vast majority of VR titles are arcade focused. We think we can tell a great story while keeping the mechanics exciting and making it all stand out with a strong art direction.”

In order to do this, they have filled the craft with lots of little nooks and crannies to explore and find the rest of Grace’s story through her belongings. You will also be able to exit the vehicle and explore some of the wasteland.

The game will be exclusive to the Oculus Quest systems through the Oculus store, we don’t have a set release date, but the page says Early February, so not long. If you are interested, you can pick the game up for $19.99 USD.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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