New VR Controller a Game Changer in Immersive Combat

New VR Controller a Game Changer in Immersive Combat

A YouTube demo published this week showcased the new peripheral's dynamic responsiveness during combat with a killer robot.

More exciting news came this week as Tactical Haptics revealed their latest controller form factor. The peripheral is set to add 'advanced shear feedback' technology to their already impressive list of features. Tech demos were posted to the company's YouTube channel, which detail a number of groundbreaking VR experiences offered by the device. One such situation showcases a player in fierce armed combat with an evil, steam-punk inspired robot.

The new tech demo from Tactical Haptics showcases a player in fierce armed combat with an evil robot.

The demo also showcases the technology behind the 'advanced shear feedback'. The controller will replicate the feeling of blocking and striking your opponent by way of sliding plates located inside the device's hilt. These sliding plates are designed to mimic the friction forces experienced while interacting with real objects. It is hoped to offer a level of immersion which goes far beyond the standard vibration feedback common in most mainstream controllers.

A second video showcases the same technology in a fishing simulation, even including a "new instrumented fishing reel" for added immersion.

The development opportunities of this technology go far beyond battle with metallic monstrosities. A second video demo offers both VR and "socially distanced", non-VR gameplay. The nighttime fishing simulation showcases the controllers ability to replicate realistic sensations, including the feeling of a fish tugging on a lure and dynamic resistance on the reel when the player is fighting a fish.

Tactical Haptics sit at the forefront of a movement quickly picking up steam in VR. Yesterday, we reported that the PS5 is set to make waves by prioritising immersive experiences above graphics. Even if these new peripherals are likely some time away from a general release, the hype around implementing 'feeling' into VR only continues to grow.

We can't wait to see how these controllers work, especially with combat based games. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more VR news.


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