New update for No Man’s Sky improves resolution and framerate for PSVR on PS5

New update for No Man’s Sky improves resolution and framerate for PSVR on PS5

The most recent update for No Man’s Sky includes stability improvements for the PC version of the game and improvements to the resolution and framerate for PSVR on PS5 systems.

The update is ‘Experimental Branch 19/01’ and if you are a PC user you will have to opt in to the experimental update. The update is 3gb in size and will hopefully improve the PSVR experience on the PS5.

Right now, the update is only available for the PC but when the bugs have been ironed out, it will be released globally across their other platforms.

Hello Games now have a proven track record for maintaining and consistently updating No Man’s Sky but the lack of interest and support for the PSVR on PS5 on Sony’s part makes me wonder if they will continue the upkeep.

VR is gaining in popularity, in part due to the relative affordability of the Quest 2. However, it looks like business and enterprise interest in the technology is waning. I hope we will see some more serious investments into the technology outside of the Facebook and Oculus sphere of interest. I know my first time trying out VR was with the PSVR headset. It wasn’t perfect but it did show me the potential of the technology.

Full list of changes in the update

· Stability improvements on PC.

· Resolution and performance for PSVR have been significantly improved when running on a PS5.

· Fixed a rendering-related crash on PS5.

· Xbox Series S in high quality mode now has the improved Ultra settings introduced in the Next Generation Update.

· Loading times on PS5 have been improved.

· PS5 install size has been optimized.


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Andrew Boggs

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