New update for cyberpunk VR experience “Low Fi”

New update for cyberpunk VR experience “Low Fi”

Move aside Cyberpunk 2077, a new cyberpunk game is here, and it looks amazing. The team have released another update for their work in progress build that includes various performance improvements as well as a casino, traffic system and other content.

Low Fi is a PC VR cyberpunk game that according to their page is:

“A next generation virtual reality simulation in which you as the player patrol the streets (and the skies above them) solving mysteries, fighting crime, or giving in to corruption.”

The 1.0 release of the game is due to debut this year, but you can purchase the work in progress version of the game on indie marketplace for $35. This new update is the 27th that they have released across its development life cycle and the second in two months.

The new update is called “Big City Lights” and it includes a whole host of performance improvements as well as some major content updates. The team has added a casino environment with working slot machines as well as boxing and claw games. They have also included prizes you can purchase by redeeming your winnings.

They have also added an “overworld traffic system”, no other descriptions have been provided about that update. They have also added a whole host of customisation options for the game. You will be able to customise your cruiser, pistol and utility glove with new skins. These are all purchasable in game.

What follows is the full changelog for the update:

· Performance enhancements

· Initial overworld traffic system

· Improved Upgrade system

· Evidence lockup system

· 6 new Cruiser Skins (purchasable) – 4 Pistol skins (purchasable) – 4 Utility glove skins (purchasable) Improved Cruiser lights

· Working Slot machines in Casino

· Updated Casino environment

· Boxing Arcade game

· Claw/ crane arcade game.

· Arcade Prizes (for cashing in tickets)

· In game Photomode viewer + Access to files in documents/My Games/LOW-FI

· New Deluxe Apartment (purchasable later) – Apartment upgrade system (capsule apartment)


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Andrew Boggs

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