New squad update for Solaris Offworld Combat coming soon

New squad update for Solaris Offworld Combat coming soon

Solaris Offworld Combat, the team-based VR shooter for the Oculus Rift and Quest will be receiving an update this week that will bring a variety of much requested features to the game. The biggest being the ability to team up with your friends.

Besides the ability to create a squad with your friends there are a whole host of other updates and additions to the game.

· A new map:Fury Major, a map designed to centralize players and create a focus on close quarters combat

· Crouch in real life to slide in the game

· Stamina cooldown changes: You now have unlimited sprinting and cooldowns only occur when you overuse the slide mechanic

· Free hand tracking: You can move both hands independently, this will not affect the accuracy of your weapons

· Daily XP Bonus & Weekly Challenges

· Bug Fixes & General Improvements

· Gameplay Balancing

The developers, First Contact Entertainment, have not set out a specific date for the update but they have confirmed that it will be released sometime this week.  They have also stated that the team up feature is still “in its infancy” but they are continuing to work on it.

At the moment, the game only supports the Oculus Quest and Rift headsets, but the developers do have plans to port it to other PC VR headsets and even PlayStation VR in the future. They will have to get a move on because the Steam port was promised to be released by the end of 2020 but don’t expect to see them before 2021.

If you do have an Oculus headset and want to check the game out, it is priced at $30(or £18.99) and supports both cross-buy and cross-play. You will take part in a 4v4 team-based arena battle shooter where you fight it out to control specific locations on each map.


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Andrew Boggs

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