New Gorilla Tag map Canyon is now available in Beta

New Gorilla Tag map Canyon is now available in Beta

If you are a fan of broken controllers, sprained wrists, and the most fun you can possibly have with a VR headset, then you might like Gorilla Tag! With the release of the new Canyon map, there is a brand new map to test out your running, jumping, and climbing skills.

Come try out the new Gorilla Tag map! (Beta) from r/OculusQuest

To access the map on Steam you just need to install the latest beta branch. If you’re on Quest you’ll need to go Gorilla Tag’s store page on the Oculus app, press ‘Version’ and you’ll be taken to the notes page, from which you can switch between live and beta versions.

Now, the canyon map is a long way from the jungle when it comes to art design but all you need to do to access it in game is walk along a narrow pathway extending from the large tree in the main map.

There have also been more incremental updates to the game brought alongside the new map:

-added push to talk/push to mute options for the mic

-added a new upper room for the cosmetics. it includes a mirror so you can marvel at your new look. flashy!

-fixed the slow fall bug that happened if you used smooth locomotion and constantly rotated as you fell

-updated the Photon integration, this will fix some issues where people are having trouble connecting when they're behind certain types of networks

-added a new path to the mines from the crystal cavern in the cave level. there should now be a more natural transition from the two areas available.

-fixed an issue where if you disconnected ungracefully, like through being afk or getting kicked by photon because your connection was unstable, you could no longer join any rooms. now even if that happens, you should be able to join a room like normal.

-fixed an issue where your account wouldn't authenticate correctly on the back end. this was causing problems with reports, they should now be much more consistent.

-added some background checks that should make rooms more stable and make it more difficult for them to end up in a state where nobody could get tagged and the round wouldn't end


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