New Above and Beyond Campaign details revealed by Game Director

New Above and Beyond Campaign details revealed by Game Director

After a week of revelations at Gamescom, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond director Peter Hirschmann spills even more in an interview with

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond's story trailer made waves last week when it was premiered at Gamescom.

Last week at Gamescom, we finally learned what Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond would look like; how it would deal with the perils of VR warfare and how it plans to use VR in its multiplayer. But fans were still left with questions. Now, in an interview with, Game Director Peter Hirschmann has spilled more about the game's immersive campaign.

Hirschmann began by discussing the franchises’ long infatuation with Steven Speilberg’s Saving Private Ryan. He described the campaign experience as ‘cinematic’; “…something that had an emotional impact through the combination of the cinematography, the lighting, the performances, the music … with Medal of Honor, we’re trying to create those emotional moments with VR.” Hirschmann went on to insinuate that the game played like “Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan, but if he had lived at the end.”

Hirschmann explained that the VR FPS attempts a re-imagining of the genre; "you could say we’re putting the first-person back in first-person shooters." (Credit: Respawn)

Hirschmann also confirmed that at launch, the campaign will take 10 hours to complete, and is separated into 54 mission segments. However, “if you play it with a consistent pace, it can certainly stretch much longer if you after every collectible and go into every nook and cranny.” He further explained that while “some levels are very linear,” most contain “multiple paths, sometimes three of four different ways to play through it.”

These revelations are very exciting. We already had high hopes for the campaign, but the commitment to cinematic immersion prompts even more anticipation. Last week, we pondered how the game would deal with the gruesome intensity of VR combat. In an interview with IGN, Hirschmann confirmed that players will have "the option to skip intense sequences and the ability to revisit them once they’re feeling up to it.”

The full interview with UploadVR can be found here. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is on track to make its Holiday 2020 release window and will be an Oculus Rift exclusive.'s hands on preview with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.


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