New 1.6 update for Boneworks adds new vehicles and Hover Junkers map

New 1.6 update for Boneworks adds new vehicles and Hover Junkers map

The new 1.6 update for smash VR hit Boneworks will add an entirely new sandbox to the game. It pays tribute to the developers first VR title: Hover Junkers.

The new content will be added to the game via an update and will be free for all. They are adding a new area, weapons, characters, and vehicles all themed on their first VR game.

The first VR game from Stress Level Zero was Hover Junkers, a multiplayer first person shooter that puts players in the driving seat of their own floating vehicle as they duke it out in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Back in 2016 they were making the most of the VR headset. The game could be played sitting down but if you wanted to take advantage of full room VR tracking, the hover craft would scale to the size of your playable area.

The update places you right back in the driving seat of these iconic vehicles. Now you can play Hover Junkers with the physics system of Boneworks. Now that you have the freedom of their updated and improved VR titles you can even leave the safety of your own Junker and jump across to enemy vehicles to take them down.

It is amazing to see that such a fledgling industry and gaming community is already experiencing nostalgia and fondness for older games. Despite the modern nature and constant iterating of VR it is always fun to look back at the games that pushed the industry forward and made it what it is today.

As for the future of the company, the developer has announced that they are working on another game in the Boneworks universe. They have been pretty light on the details, but we do know that whatever the title ends up being, it will release on PC VR as well as the Oculus Quest 2.


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Andrew Boggs

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