Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena gets PSVR Release Next Week

Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena gets PSVR Release Next Week

Korean VR developer Skonec Entertainment's free-to-play First Person Shooter - Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena - is set to release on PlayStation VR next week. The title, which shot to popularity during it's Beta last month, is slated to launch on the 8th of October.

Skonec Entertainment's F2P VR FPS is set to release on the 8th of October. (Credit: Skonec Entertainment)

Mortal Blitz is an arcade action FPS, so expect some fast and hectic gameplay when it is released. The action takes place in dynamic arenas filled with platforms and scenery. Players can teleport around the map, hiding behind light shields and fighting for the changing vantage points. Players can equip with an array of weapons - from shotguns to rocket launches - to play a number of different game modes.

Being a free-to-play console title, the game will follow the example of others in the genre and mix-up with seasonal updates. The game will also feature maps, weapons and modes as paid DLC. So far, Skonec have listed the 'Premium Battle Pass' and the 'Arena Pack' as downloadable content available at launch. As well as the multiplayer core, Mortal Blitz also features a 15+ mission single-player campaign. Skonec will also come out with new missions periodically along with seasonal updates.

Jump from platform to platform, control the vantage points, take cover behind the light shields in this non-stop action-packed shooter. (Credit: Skonec Entertainment)

Whether you enjoyed the beta or you are just looking for a new F2P VR FPS, Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena looks like a blast.

Did you get a chance to check it out in August? Before you jump into Mortal Blitz, why not check out Budget Cuts - out now on PSVR!


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