MiroWin Continues 'RU77' Development Updates, Set for Q3 2021 Release

MiroWin Continues 'RU77' Development Updates, Set for Q3 2021 Release

Upcoming VR FPS title RU77 will take players into a reimagined post-Soviet Russia, and MiroWin has given us some hilarious insights into the development process.

I will never sleep soundly again after watching this.

This week, I published my review for MiroWin's Boiling Steel, a Sci-Fi VR FPS that was released last year. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed.

But if there was one critique that could be levelled at the project, it was that Boiling Steel could have been a bit more bold narratively - the story, interesting and well-executed as it was, could best be described as a 'conventional' Sci-Fi affair.

This issue has very evidently been addressed in advance of their upcoming VR narrative FPS, the stylised RU77 (short for Russia 2077) which was announced last year.

MiroWin are now continuing to live up to their reputation for community engagement, releasing 'game development diaries' to keep fans up to date with progress.

The latest, titled "My dear friend", uses a hilarious silent-movie style to show off the combat dynamics, under the pretence of a night of casual drinking turned sour. Warning, it's pretty grotesque:

These development diaries serve to give us a sense of what the studio is going for aesthetically, with an art style situated somewhere between Borderlands and a Telltale title. Another, titled "Shooting range", shows off armed combat as well as a variety of weapons already implemented in the game:

The end card of these development trailers state the title will be released on Oculus, Steam & PS4 (for PSVR.) Past that, we will just have to wait and see.

The developer website states the game is slated for release in Q3 of 2021, so it should be out later this year. That being said, does anything ever come out when it's supposed to anymore?

So, here's hoping it'll be compatible with HaptX's new DK2 Haptic Gloves which were announced today.


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