Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Arriving Next Month for PCVR

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Arriving Next Month for PCVR

We've been waiting in anxious anticipation for the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator's VR support. Well now the long wait is finally over.

I'm not sure if Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will go down as the hit of 2020, but it'll certainly go down as the surprise hit. It's been hogging headlines for months, even supposedly revealing details about Xbox VR.

Back when the beta launched back in August, we weren't sure whether or not VR compatibility would even work, nor were we convinced performance issues wouldn't cripple it. However, the beta seems to have been a major success and Asobo is getting ready to put VR functionality out to the wider world.

Revealed in an Q&A with ASOBO Executive Producer Martial Bossard, full VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming very, very soon. Arriving "sometime in December," all users will be able to play the game in virtual reality with any PC VR headset.

It had originally been a concern that users may only be able to play the game in VR using Windows Mixed Reality headsets and the new HP Reverb G2, but along with the news Bossard knocked out that rumour in the Q&A.

However, the closed beta's minimum specs don't do much to quash concerns about the game's demanding requirements. Among others, you will still need at least 16GB of RAM and 8GB of VRAM. In other words, a pretty beefy computer. have published the full list of minimum specs here for you to check.

So, the wait is finally over. Are you ready to pick up the sticks and get flying in VR? We don't know exactly when support will drop, so keep an eye of VRFinal for more news as it comes in.

Better yet, the new update will be followed shortly by the next World Update, which we already know will spice up journeys around the United Kingdom.

If waiting until later this month is too long to wait - and, in the era of the 'rona, I truly sympathise - Project Wingman, a combat flight simulator, is launching December 1st.


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