Microsoft Flight Simulator VR closed beta sign ups available now

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR closed beta sign ups available now

A Microsoft Flight Simulator VR beta will be made available in the upcoming weeks for users how have a Windows VR device.

The developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Asobo, announced on their recent Q&A stream that the closed beta will be available sometime in late October or early November. To take part in the beta you must sign an NDA and be a part of their Flight Sim Insiders.

If you meet those conditions the major stumbling block for entry is ownership of a Windows VR rig, you must own a “mixed reality” VR headset made by Microsoft. The VR version of the game will initially be exclusive to the Windows VR platform. The sign-up page for the beta does mention “additional headsets” in the second round of beta testing but no other details have been made available.

The wide release of the VR simulator is timed with the release of a new Windows VR headset, the HP Reverb V2. The headset is shipping to pre-order customers in November and will release new headsets for purchase in December. The headset has some pretty eyecatching features, it will have 4K resolution, improved ergonomics, Valve’s lens technology and the same off-ear audio speakers as the Valve Index.

Microsoft Flight Simulattor has often been used as the benchmark for graphical quality on Windows PCs and the VR version is no different. The minimum spec for the game requires a GTX 1080 graphics card. The full specs for the beta are listed below.

OS: Windows 10
DirectX: DirectX 11
CPU: Intel i5-4460 or Ryzen 3 1200
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 or equivalent
RAM: 16 GB
HDD: 150 GB
Bandwidth: 5 Mbps

If you’re interested and think you meet all of the criteria, you can sign up for the beta here.


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Andrew Boggs

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