Maskmaker: New Development Footage and Concept Art Revealed

Maskmaker: New Development Footage and Concept Art Revealed

In an exclusive video published by our friends over at UploadVR, MWM Interactive's Ethan Stearns walks us through some prototypes from the development of Maskmaker.

Not only do we get a peek behind the curtain, but we also see some mechanics that almost were.

Have you caught up with Maskmaker, An awesome new VR experience for PC VR and PS VR released last week?

From the team behind the award-winning A Fisherman's Tale, Maskmaker is a new puzzle adventure game developed by InnerspaceVR and published by MWM Interactive.

When I first saw the promotional art for Maskmaker, I was immediately intrigued. But after our preview here at VR Final, I was heart set: I couldn't wait to start exploring, discovering materials, and crafting a variety of different masks with my own VR hands.

Well, if you were as taken with the game as I was - and, spoiler alert, my review last week was all but glowing - our friends over at UploadVR have just unveiled something really interesting: a video of a Maskmaker developer displaying never-before-seen development footage and concept art.

Probably the first thing to mention is the promo art we see for some of Maskmaker's beautiful environmental structures. Not that it wasn't already explicit in the game, but the concept art helps you to understand the ways certain designs involved to fit the different biomes.

Dare I say it? It's a masterclass in environmental design.

We also get an in-depth look at the development of the painting process, one of my favourite parts of the final game experience. We see a feature that almost was - an ability to paint by dipping mask templates into the paint.

This is a cool concept to see and may have been a cool one to try out, but Stearns describes how it was hard to ensure players met the design qualifications for mask-required puzzles later in the game. Bummer, but sounds like the removal was for the best.

Maskmaker is available now on SteamVR and PSVR, starting at $19.99.

Interested in learning more about Maskmaker? Read our write-up here or check out our review.


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