Major savings in the first Quest App Lab game bundle

Major savings in the first Quest App Lab game bundle

The Oculus App Lab is a great way for developers to get their games into the Quest ecosystem, but the lack of marketability makes it difficult for them to start selling their game in viable numbers. That is where App Surprise comes in.

App Surprise is a blind bundle of App Lab games. It has been set up in partnership with 23 small VR developers. Lab Surprise offers bundles of three App Lab titles, where you can save 70% off the regular price. The catch in this bundle is that the discount decreases every time you reveal a game in the bundle.

If you are willing to take a risk and select 3 at random, you will get a 70% discount. If you reveal one VR title, the discount will drop to 50%. Two VR games and the discount is now down to 30%. Finally, if you reveal all three games, you only get a 10% discount. You are definitely incentivised to pick at random.

The Oculus App Lab turned the complete closed platform of the Oculus Store into a semi-closed platform. Facebook and Oculus had previously operated their headset in a similar manner to game consoles, the only way to get an app was to go through the official Oculus store. Users could manufacture a work around by declaring themselves developers and activating side loading.

Now that the service has been around for a couple of months, developers are starting to take advantage of the easier payment and distribution methods. Since the developers have the ability to upload their apps to the Oculus platform without making it publicly available on the Oculus store, they can make the game available through web URLs or product keys. This has been put to good use in the new game bundle.

The bundle is running until the 8th of May. You still have a few days to check it out.


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Andrew Boggs

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