Los Angeles Philharmonic To Begin 10-Year-Tour Of VR Experience 'Symphony'

Los Angeles Philharmonic To Begin 10-Year-Tour Of VR Experience 'Symphony'

Maestro Dudamel's new project, a VR Experience which aims to bring classical music to younger generations through film, has announced a 10-year-tour throughout Spain and Portugal.

Venezuelan musical director, best known for his work with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, has masterminded the VR film Symphony - which hopes to bring the music of Beethoven, Bernstein and Mahler to a younger audience. Produced by Spain's La Caixa Foundation, the VR experience features more than 100 musicians from more than 40 countries.

“It’s a magical journey through music and how it is a universal language that anyone can connect with."

The film splits into two, 12 minute sections, which will take place in two separate screening trailers. The first is projected on a huge screen and tells the story of three young musicians on an adventure throughout the Americas. Throughout their journey, they explore orchestral music through both psychedelic landscapes and classical soundscapes.

However, in the second part, visitors will be invited to experience something substantially different - a VR experience that explores the more metaphysical qualities of classical music. The VR experience gets trippy, to say the least. Dudamel appears as a virtual guide throughout the film, exploring the music, describing its history, and explaining its effects on the brain.

Dudamel explained the ambition behind the project:

“For me the idea was always to bring young people to classical music, and now we have these technical resources. But I didn’t just want something the new generations can enjoy, but rather so that they feel that this music is something that belongs to them.”

Symphony first premiered in Spain late last month, but will soon start a 10-year tour to bring the experience to hundreds of locations in Spain and Portugal. He continued:

“We also want to show people the intimacy of the musical act – from the most elemental sounds, like the daily cacophony of noises we hear – to one of the greatest orchestras in the world playing in one of the most beautiful concert halls in the world. It’s a total experience and a unique experience.”

Talking about intimacy, Symphony probably has nothing on the genius of a Reddit user this week - who created a bespoke virtual reality experience to propose to his significant other. Aww.


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