Leaked documents from Capcom suggest Resident Evil VR is coming to Oculus headsets

Leaked documents from Capcom suggest Resident Evil VR is coming to Oculus headsets

According to leaked data from a recent hack, Capcom is developing a VR version of the classic game Resident Evil 4. Allegedly the game will release next year for Oculus headsets.

According to a report from BleepingComputer, there was a recent ransomware attack on Japanese gaming giant Capcom. According to the report, 1TB of data was stolen by the Ragnar Locker group of hackers and it was being held hostage for the sum of $11,000,000 in bitcoins.

Well, Capcom must not have payed the money because some of the alleged 1TB of data was leaked to 4chan. A quick disclaimer: Take this information with a heavy pinch of salt, we know that Capcom was hacked but the data that has been leaked to 4chan has not been officially verified. Even if it is true there is always a chance that Capcom will react to the leak by delaying or changing up their release schedule.

According to the leaked data, a VR version of Resident Evil 4 is slated to launch in April 2021. According to the leak the release will be exclusive to Oculus headsets, but it did not specify which one. With Oculus losing interest in the PC VR market it’s a safe bet that we will see the title release on the Quest 2.

The headline news for non-VR gamers is the release date for the new mainline Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Village. It will also be releasing in April of next year, but the leak also suggests that a demo will be made available for PS5 users before release.

If you want to pour over the details as much as we did check out this Reddit post that details all the info found in the 60GB leak on 4chan.


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