Korg Announce 'GADGET-VR', Allowing Users To Create Music In VR

Korg Announce 'GADGET-VR', Allowing Users To Create Music In VR

Korg is best known for their historic range of synthesisers and keyboards. Now, they've tried their hand at VR, looking to create a Virtual Reality GarageBand.

I don't know about you, but when I'm not immersed in VR or composing my next masterpiece for this very publication, I like to dabble in composition of another kind.

Easy-to-use Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) are dime-a-dozen nowadays, allowing users to record, edit, arrange and produce music from the comfort of their own homes. With some DAWs, you don't even need an instrument - GarageBand, for example, comes loaded with a suite of virtual keyboards, guitars, horns, and strings.

So you can imagine my delight when I found out that Korg, the legendary Synth manufacturer, has been cooking up something similar for Virtual Reality headsets. Its name: the Korg GADGET-VR.

Developed in collaboration with Detune using the Unreal Engine, GADGET-VR will bring users access to a number of professional musical devices in a virtual reality studio.

The GADGET-VR First Look trailer shows us inside the Korg Virtual Studio, with an expansive mixing-table positioned below multiple composition screens. We can even see a synth selection menu similar to the KORG Gadget 2 mobile app, with a user choosing a keyboard only to have it fly into their hands.

Users familiar with Persp3ctive's ControlRoom, an Early Access DAW interface which was first released on Steam last year, will have an idea of what Korg is going for. All things considered, ControlRoom is still in it's infancy, with the developers explaining that they've "brainstormed enough features within the VR and music production spaces to work on this project for years."

The Korg GADGET-VR is perhaps not looking so ambitious right now. Rather, it looks like an easily accessible and comprehensive Digital Audio Workstation - akin to GarageBand, only in VR.

The First Look trailer confirms that the GADGET-VR is still in early development, but I truly believe there's a lot of potential with an idea like this. I'll keep my eyes peeled for further developments, reporting them here first at VRFinal.

We're not quite sure yet when Korg GADGET-VR will release, although the trailer pretty confidently proclaims that it'll be out later this year. At any rate, there'll be plenty of time for your Valve Index to arrive by then, even with continued disruption.


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