Kickstarter for the new Tundra Tracker to launch at the end of March

Kickstarter for the new Tundra Tracker to launch at the end of March

The SteamVR compatible full-body motion tracking, Tundra Tracker is launching a Kickstarter for their product on the 29th of March.

They are clearly competing with the Vive full-body motion tracking solution produced by HTC. According to Tundra, their trackers will 60% smaller, consume about 50% less power, weight 50% less, and have twice the battery life of their competitors at Vive.

The Kickstarter was meant to launch in early January 2021 but, like many other companies these past 12 months, they had to delay it. There are still issues with mass producing the components as referenced in on of their recent blogs:

“Tundra Labs put in a lot of meticulous planning and care into scheduling and timing. Right now the semiconductor industry is going through incredible supply shortages due to a "double whammy" of dropping factory capacity due to COVID-19 and skyrocketing demand also due to the pandemic.

“For this reason, since November 2020, we have been tracking components used in the Tundra Tracker and many are showing 26 to 30 week lead time for high volume deliveries. This means that If we place orders today, components may not be delivered until August.  Thankfully we already started placing component orders in Q4 of 2020.  We are also working directly with vendors to "pull in" deliveries as much as possible and pay expedites when available.”

They may not begin mass production of the trackers until August of this year, but we would recommend checking them out. The reduced price compared to the Vive trackers as well as the smaller size is a very enticing proposition.

Full pricing for the upcoming Tundra Trackers

1 Tundra $94.99

3 Tundras + 1 Dongle $299.99

5 Tundras + 1 Dongle $459.99

7 Tundras + 1 Dongle $629.99

Super Wireless Dongle

1 connect 3 $42.99

1 connect 5 $59.99

1 connect 7 $79.99


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