Kickstarter for Quest Cybershoes meets funding goal in one day

Kickstarter for Quest Cybershoes meets funding goal in one day

Cybershoes, the well-known producers of locomotion peripherals for VR set ups, had launched a Kickstarter late last week. They were looking for $30,000 to create a new Quest-compatible version of the device. After only 12 hours the Kickstarter had reached its goal.

Cybershoes simulate locomotion for VR users, unlike the more widespread and unwieldy VR treadmills, Cybershoes use a special pair of low-friction shoes to allow users to feel like they are running or walking. This is not a standing experience; you must be seated on a chair that can swivel a full 360 degrees. The shoes contain wheels and an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to track the movements of the user’s feet.

The new Quest specific version of Cybershoes requires an extra piece of hardware. There is an extra module containing another IMU that will have to be mounted to the headset itself. Using the IMU on the headset and those in the shoes, they can accurately track movement on both the X and Y axis. This will definitely have an affect on your battery life, the headset module is powered via USB-C from the Quest headset.

Now, the real issue with these ever so slightly unofficial peripherals, developer support. There would be no point shelling out $280 (and that’s the early bird price!) for a peripheral that’s dead on arrival. Developers will have to integrate Cybershoes SDK into their games to provide support. Vertigo Games, developers of games like Arizona Sunshine and After the Fall, have already adopted Cybershoes support in their games. If the campaign reaches over $60,000, they will also include a compatibility layer for other games via SideQuest, the unofficial Quest Appstore.

The early bird price for the Cybershoes is $280 and according to their Kickstarter page, the product will retail at the full price of $399. If you already own a pair of Cybershoes for PC VR, you can just purchase the head mounted receiver for the early bird price of $50 or for the full price of $79 when they release to the public.