Kaiju-inspired VR Action 'Block Buster' Announced for 2021 Release

Kaiju-inspired VR Action 'Block Buster' Announced for 2021 Release

Set to release sometime next year, new developer Happy Kamper Pictures have revealed a brand new VR smash 'em up, inspired the famous series of Japanese monster movies.

Chicago-based VR developer Happy Kamper Pictures have just announced 'Block Buster', a VR smash-'em-up action arcade title inspired by the great Kaiju monster movies of days gone by.

If you weren't familiar with it, "Kaiju" roughly translates to "strange beast" and, frankly, that's exactly what they are. Kaiju is a genre of Japanese monster movies the casts of which have included Mothra, Rodan, and, of course, the legendary Godzilla. A cousin of whom appears to made a quick appearance in the teaser trailer.

Players will be able to simply go to town (literally), smashing up whatever you can get your hands, claws, pinchers, tentacles, or whatever other appendages you may happened to have attached to your arms. The teaser trailer is reminds me of a cross between Rampage and StressOut, the catastrophic destruction sim which entered open beta earlier this year.

The game may also have creature creation functionality, as the game's description invites players to "create a creature and rampage around unique destructible cities." It could just be customisation options, though. Either way, I'm super excited to see what Happy Kamper come up with!

Find out more at the Block Buster official website, where you can sign up to a mailing list so you never miss an update about the Godzilla-style monster mash.

No release date is set in stone yet, but we expect to see Block Buster in a city close to you some time next year. I, for one, couldn't be more excited.

In the meantime, why not satisfy your itch for destruction by murdering a couple of Freddies? Vertigo Games have just put out a free Horde Mode map for Arizona Sunshine, available now on Quest and Steam VR beta.


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