JVC Reveal New Enterprise XR Headset with over 2.5K Per Eye

JVC Reveal New Enterprise XR Headset with over 2.5K Per Eye

Tech giant JVC have recently revealed a new XR headset for businesses which boasts some pretty impressive specifications. Here's everything you need to know:

The device has been in development since 2018 and is looking to capture simulation, medical and construction markets. (Credit: MoguraVR)

Japanese VR magazine Mogura have reported that tech giant JVCKenwood recently revealed their newest enterprise XR headset. The project, which has apparently been in development by the team behind JVC projectors since 2018, looks to take over the simulation market.

The device easily has the power to do so, sporting 2.5K per eye resolution and a horizontal FOV of 120-degrees & vertical FOV of 45-degrees.

Mogura has described the device as using an optical technique similar to the birdbath optics on the recently announced Oppo AR Glass 2021. Basically, users will maintain a direct view of real-world controls or instruments while virtual reality is projected around it.

It doesn't look like your standard VR headset, and it certainly won't play like it, either. (Credit: Mogura)

The virtual reality is does project will look fantastic. The device can hit a frame rate of either 60 or 72Hz, has a 5.5 inch LCD screen, uses SteamVR Tracking and a DC 12V 2A power supply. The devices is expected to weight 530g (excluding strap & cable) and have dimensions of 278x137x130mm.

Whether or not JVC will ever take it to enterprise market remains to be seen. Even if they do, the chances of you or I ever getting our hands on it are slim.

But it's not hard to see how useful powerful XR devices could be for certain professional sectors - for example, the doctors who are using VR to fight the growing mental health epidemic.


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