ILMxLAB's Lightsaber Dojo to return as Nomadic LBE

Yesterday, ILMxLAB and Nomadic revealed that Vader Immortal's Lightsaber Dojo mode would return once again as an epic LBE.

ILMxLAB's Lightsaber Dojo to return as Nomadic LBE

In August, Vader Immortal - the award-winning Star Wars virtual reality experience from ILMxLAB - finally hit PlayStation VR to widespread acclaim. It had previous released on the Oculus Quest and Rift last year.

The three-episode experience also came with the 'Lightsaber Dojo' mode - an essentially endless training mode where players can practice while unlocking customisation options. In the mode, players are put against waves of enemies including droids and stormtroopers.

ILMxLAB used the mode to create a location-based entertainment (LBE) title alongside LBE specialist Nomadic. Yesterday, the two companies have announced the experience will return once again.

The Lightsaber Dojo concludes with an epic lightsaber duel with Lord Vader himself. (Credit: ILMxLAB)

"Nomadic is thrilled to once again partner with ILMxLAB to bring guests into the world of Star Wars," explained President of Nomadic Sean Griffin.

"Our new form factor will deliver a more immersive experience for players, will provide a social viewing experience for their friends and family, and is more efficient for family entertainment centers and arcades to operate.  We can’t wait for Star Wars fans worldwide to experience it."

The LBE will task the player with facing waves of stormtroopers on Mustafar, concluding with a dual against Darth Vader himself. Players will be able to select their own custom lightsaber to wield in the confrontation.

In a press release, Senior Producer at ILMxLAB Shereif Fattouh, said: "the ILMxLAB team is excited to bring a new chapter to the Lightsaber Dojo Experience. Fans will soon have the unique opportunity to battle Dark Vader himself using all their abilities in the ultimate test of skill."

The experience will debut with a new form factor which intends to increase immersion. (Credit: ILMxLAB)

Nomadic is yet to reveal when Vader Immortal - Lightsaber Dojo: A Star Wars VR Experience will launch.

Let's hope that Ekto's massive VR ROBOT SHOES, which replicate the sensation of walking forward in VR while keeping you in one spot, are ready in time for Lightsaber Dojo's launch!