HTC starts their weeklong discounts on the Vive Cosmos

HTC starts their weeklong discounts on the Vive Cosmos

Today HTC has announced several week long deals for their Vive Cosmos series of headsets.The savings included in the deals takes a total of £120 from the retail price.

The standard Vive Cosmos has been reduced from £699 down to £579. This is one of the best choices for sensor free VR gaming. It’s a lot more expensive than the Oculus Quest 2 but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

The headset features a combined resolution of 2880×1770 (1440×1700 per-eye) using an LCD display, tracking from the 6 front facing cameras on the headset, a halo strap that makes it easy to move between reality and virtual reality. and built-in headphones for spatial audio.

The upgraded Vive Cosmos Elite kit has also been discounted from £899 to £779. The big difference between the two headsets is the tracking technology. The kit comes with two wall-mounted lighthouse base stations, these track the headset and the Vive controllers.

This is a lot more work to set up than the standard Vive Cosmos, but the tracking is far more accurate than the camera system on the headset. Besides the improved tracking, the headset offers the same features as the standard Cosmos.

Both headsets also offer a free 2 month trial for Viveport Infinity. This allows users of the headsets access to a bunch of free VR games and apps.

The offers are available on the Vive website from today until the 7th of February.  While these discounts offer an easier way into the world of PC VR gaming, they just do not go far enough to unseat Oculus as the current king of VR. It will take a lot more work and innovation to reduce the price enough to make it popular for the average consumer.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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