HTC launches new “VIVE XR Suite”, a VR app bundle aimed at boosting remote productivity

HTC launches new “VIVE XR Suite”, a VR app bundle aimed at boosting remote productivity

HTC Vive is investing further in their business development ecosystem; they have just launched their business focused suite of VR apps.

The new VIVE XR Suite is a bundle of five enterprise focused apps developed by HTC and their partners that allows anyone from employees to students stay focused and engaged while working from home.

What follows is a list of the apps, what they do, and who HTC have partnered with in their development.

· VIVE Sync: This is a meetings app developed in house by HTC.

· VIVE Campus: This app simulates an office environment for remote workers, developed in partnership with VirBELA.

· VIVE Session: This is an education focused app that allows lectures to be presented in VR, developed I partnership with ENGAGE.

· VIVE Social: This app was developed in partnership with VRChat and works in a similar way by providing employees or student with a social space.

· VIVE Museum: This is perhaps the most interesting app, it is a virtual art gallery and museum, it was developed in partnership with Museum of Other Realities.

Each of the apps have been developed to support non-VR users, they can all be used on PC and some, like VIVE Sync, can also be used on smartphones.

In a statement announcing the launch the CEO of HTC, Cher Wang, said, “Applying technology to solve real-world problems has always been a core tenet of our philosophy at HTC. The Vive XR Suite offers the ultimate VR enterprise software solution, specifically designed to help businesses solve today’s most pressing problems in a secure and innovative way By putting the resources of HTC behind these apps, we can ensure business customers around the world receive the system scalability and professional support they demand.”

The apps were developed separately but they can all be accessed through a single login on most PC VR headsets, but HTC have partnered with companies like Pico, HP, and NReal to preload the suite on their headsets.

The full “Vive XR Suite” will cost companies $30 per seat for one month or $250 per seat for a full year.


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