HTC announces two new VR headsets

HTC announces two new VR headsets

HTC has announced two new VR headsets at their ViveCon virtual event. They are the HTC Vive Pro 2, and the HTC Vive Focus 3.

The Vive Pro 2 is a PC VR headset that is aimed at enthusiasts and gamers while the Vive Focus 3 is aimed squarely at the enterprise market.

The Vive Pro 2

The Vive Pro 2 features LCD displays offering 2448×2448 per-eye resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 120 degree field of view (FOV). Inter-pupillary distance (IPD) is still manually adjustable, and the weight balance is evenly distributed for comfortable long-term play.

They are offering both full kit and headset only purchase options. Pre-orders are already live, with a special discount promotion during the pre-order period offering the device for £659 GBP or $749 USD. The full kit will be available in August, retailing for £1299 GBP or $1399 USD, this includes the Vive controllers and Base Station 2.0.

The Vive Focus 3

The Vive Focus 3is an all-in-one (AIO) headset designed for the enterprise market. It is running on the same chip used in the Oculus Quest 2, Qualcomm’s XR2 chip. The specs are similar to the Vive Pro 2, 2448×2448 per-eye resolution and 120 degree FOV but with a 90Hz display.

It is an enterprise only device and it will go on sale from 24th June, retailing for £1060 GBP or $1300 USD. This includes 24-month Vive Business Warranty and Services.

Comment from HTC

Graham Wheeler, HTC VIVE EMEA General Manager spoke in a statement about the Vive Pro 2:

“At ViveCon we redefined premium VR for both businesses and consumers, with stunning 5K resolution and 120-degree field of view setting a new benchmark for PC VR and all-in-One headsets. Vive Pro 2 delivers an amazing immersive experience, with beautifully fluid visuals, comfort, and precise tracking, for when every pixel and polygon counts.”

In the same statement, he spoke about the new enterprise focused, Focus 3:

“Vive Focus 3 heralds a new era of business VR – crafted for stunning visuals while also being durable and lightweight, with superior comfort and ease of use. Our new VIVE Business solutions make it easier than ever for an organisation to use VR, so whether it’s a small start-up or a multinational, everyone can benefit from the transformative potential of VR.”


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