How to get Elite Dangerous FOR FREE this week

How to get Elite Dangerous FOR FREE this week

Elite Dangerous blew minds when it was first released in 2014. It's aged gracefully, is VR compatible, and can now be played FOR FREE. Don't believe me? Here's how.

Late last month, VR Final reported that Epic Games were giving away Horizons, Elite Dangerous' ground-breaking expansion pack, absolute FREE.

The expansion would have previously cost you $30, on top of the $30 base game, and added a wealth of gameplay features to it. Elite Dangerous, the space dogfighting simulator, features a 1:1 open-world replication of the Milky Way. The massive multiplayer experience was released to acclaim and, one year later, finally received VR support.

Epic Games made the Horizons DLC - which fundamentally changed the experience by allowing players to land on and explore planets - free to all players. The expansion also gave users the chance to interact more substantially, go on missions together, craft weapons and explore varied planetary landscapes.

And now they've gone a step further. As of November 19th, you will be able to download and keep Elite Dangerous (which now comes bundled with the Horizons DLC) completely free of charge.

Here's how to grab it. Just go to the Epic Games store on or after the 19th of November and download! You can also add it to your Wishlist in the meantime, making sure you don't forget. Be careful, though. The offer will only be available for one week, closing on the 26th of November.

Elite Dangerous seem to be drumming up support for Odyssey, a new DLC expansion pack coming to the game next year. Just as Horizons brought planetary exploration to the game, Odyssey will bring first-person shooter elements. However, we already know that Odyssey will not be fully compatible with VR, reverting to a 2D game screen whenever you exit a vehicle.

It may not totally support VR, but Odyssey does look pretty cool.

If you didn't already get your hands on Elite Dangerous last month, be sure to get it this time around. But remember: the offer ends on the 26th of November.

Knowing developer Frontier Development's history of surprise feature updates, perhaps Odyssey will soon have VR integration. In the meantime, though, maybe you could trade in your flying wings for chicken wings in the best VR cooking sim ever released.


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