How Has the Oculus Quest 2 Affected VR: A SideQuest Analysis

How Has the Oculus Quest 2 Affected VR: A SideQuest Analysis

We all know VR is growing. When I heard many kids were asking Santa for a Quest 2 over a PS5 or Xbox Series X, I knew something was up, so I want to write this as a quantitative approach to growth using SideQuest as a proxy for industry growth as a whole.

We all have a hunch things are accelerating quickly, but how fast, and how equitably? Looking at the SideQuest data for the last 2 months (since the Quest 2 launch), we should be able to answer those questions. Now my analysis chops died with my budding career as a data scientist, so bear with me as I report numbers and definitely no code (data science as a whole is better for it).

Pre-Quest 2Post-Quest 2

To describe this chart a bit, "Pre-Quest 2" represents download numbers for before the Quest 2 launched. "Post-Quest 2" represents download numbers 2 months after the Quest 2 launched (right around Christmas).

On average, all items saw a ~101% increase in downloads during this time. This includes items with 400,000 downloads, and items with 7 downloads, so let's dig into that a bit.

The Top Dogs

The top 100 items by downloads, including utilities like Virtual Desktop and games like Pavlov: Shack grew by an average of 26%. Virtual Desktop's VR patch was sitting at a healthy 298k downloads before the Quest2 launched, and just 2 short months later, that number has climbed to 448k downloads. That's 50% for anyone following along at home; given Virtual Desktop costs money, that bodes very well for developers, as people have shown they are willing to shell out money.

Pre-Quest 2Post-Quest 2

The Long Tail

Just for fun, we can look at the bottom 100 downloaded apps to see how they fared. These bottom 100 games by downloads ended up with a 38% uptick during this same 2 month period. Not super surprising to see it grow rapidly like that, as a dozen downloads will move the needle significantly, but still good to see the rising tide is lifting all ships.

Pre-Quest 2Post-Quest 2


Given pre-orders were crazy for the Quest 2, I wasn't as blown away as I thought I would be by this exercise, but I think this is still pretty telling. VR is young, and we know that if you had a Quest 1, you're probably getting a Quest 2, and if you are keen on using SideQuest, you've probably been around for a bit and fall into that camp.

As SideQuest grows in popularity, I think we'll see a sort of compounding with new Quest2 owners, who probably don't know about SideQuest yet, getting into SideQuest, and SideQuest also seeing the benefits of the industry as a whole adopting their platform.

In 2 months, we'll do another one of these to see how the Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Quest 2 sales affect the bottom line for SideQuest, and hopefully for me, a guy who runs a VR news website, it will start to better reflect what is happening with headset sales.

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