'HINGE: Episode 1' gets a Terrifying New Gameplay Trailer

'HINGE: Episode 1' gets a Terrifying New Gameplay Trailer

Russian VR developer Arcadia have just revealed the gameplay trailer for HINGE: Episode 1, the terrifying new VR-native horror game.

The latest trailer shows us more of what we've already seen in the announcement trailer released earlier this year: the game looks beautiful... and absolutely terrifying.

Walking around an abandoned skyscraper, HINGE will force you to suffer through encounters with all sorts of nightmarish monstrosities. As you look around the tower, expect environments to change, walls to shrink and morph, and beasts and demons to appear out of thin air...

The trailer has shown us that the game's world twists and changes around you, building a really interesting atmosphere. (Credit: ArcadiaVR)

In September, developer ArcadiaVR revealed a few details about the style and plot of the game. We learned about the style and setting: an early-20th century, lavish art-deco skyscraper. However, the steam page for 'HINGE: Episode 1'  has delved into it a bit further.

HINGE is a VR horror that takes place in a nightmarish building filled with high-quality graphics and sound effects. The game creates an environment of suspense as you struggle for survival in an oppressive atmosphere of horror that chases you wherever you go.
The game makes great use of Unity HDRP technology, having lights and shadows add to the terrifying atmosphere. (Credit: ArcadiaVR)

The game takes place in a bustling metropolis, suffering in the aftermath of "the Spanish flu epidemic." Exploring the lavish skyscraper, you'll be forced to set about uncovering its dark secrets. The eccentric millionaire who built it, after all, "is actually an occultist and head of a mysterious cult."

The game's art-deco style is giving off serious Bioshock vibes, and the atmosphere looks just as tense. Halloween may be over, but it's never too late to scare your absolute pants off.

HINGE: Episode 1 has its release date set for the end of this month, on the 27th of November. The game is set to release on Steam VR and the Oculus Store for Rift.

Anyone looking for a horror fix should for sure check this one out. Especially since other highly anticipated horror titles, like After The Fall, has been delayed until next year.


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