Guardians VR: Can't Decide Between FPS or RTS? Try This FPS RTS Hyrbid

Guardians VR: Can't Decide Between FPS or RTS? Try This FPS RTS Hyrbid

The new game from VirtualAge mixes RTS and FPS elements in an innovative VR experience that has the community talking.

Guardians is out now on PC VR and Quest via SideQuest, with an App Lab submission currently pending.

Let me paint a picture for you: you've just completed a VR title you love. You've had a great time, but you're looking for something a little different.

You could go to an old-school real-time strategy title like Civilisations or StarCraft. Lord knows we've collectively spent decades playing those. Or, perhaps, you could get stuck into one of the many awesome VR FPS games coming out recently!

But choosing between the two is the worst. Wouldn't it be nice to have a game that was both a RTS and a FPS? Well, developer VirtualAge might just have a solution!

Inspired by RTS games like StarCraft and classic FPS titles like Halo, Guardians is an innovative new VR game from XR start-up VirtualAge. The unique title takes elements from both FPS and RTS, morphing them both into a unique Sci-Fi virtual reality experience.

In Guardians, you step into the shoes of an elite operative tasked with protecting a mining operation on a mysterious new planet in the outskirts of the galaxy. The mission is to retrieve as much 'perovskite' as possible.

The game features an impressive FPS RTS system where players can instantly purchase a summon defensive structures and troops to help them in their battles against invading armies.

This means that the game is basically a full-blown RTS battler with awesome FPS elements attached. This is an innovative and unique take, but VirtualAge pull it off with grace!

This is certainly not one to miss. Guardians is out now in Early Access on PC VR, available from Steam here. For Quest users, the game is available now via SideQuest. The game is also going to be available via App Lab, submission pending. All three versions will cost $15.

Just as well, too. We've recently heard that 120Hz support could be rolling out across Oculus Quest 2 as early as later this month!


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