Grapple Tournament VR Developers Slash Price Nearly In Half

Grapple Tournament VR Developers Slash Price Nearly In Half

In response to fan feedback, Grapple Tournament VR developer Tomorrow Games have slashed the price for their frantic early-access FPS nearly in half.

Tomorrow Games' exceptional VR FPS made waves when it launched in early access last month. However, the game launched for $25 - pretty steep for an early access VR FPS.

However, developer Tomorrow Games have now announced that - in response to fan feedback - they have reduced the price for the shooter by almost half: from $25 to $14.99.

In our review of Grapple Tournament VR, I was exceptionally impressed by the game. It was balanced well with an exciting range of unique weapons, but the star of the show was the movement mechanics; if the name didn't already give it away, the vertical movement mechanics are to die for.

In a statement to VR Final, Tomorrow Games explained that they decided to make the move in response to fan feedback. In our review of Grapple Tournament VR last month, I had also questioned whether or not the price would hold developing a player-base for this impressive VR FPS:

However, if you're going to pay $25 for a Early Access VR multiplayer FPS, you're going to want a lively (or, at least, existent) community of players to go up against. In this regard, Grapple Tournament might let you down: it's often quite hard to even find a game. However, there are practice modes with AI bots, so even if no one is around to play online it's not the end of the world.

It's amazing to see a developer take such a keen interest in what fans are saying, especially when the game is so promising. If the review didn't already make it clear, I couldn't recommend this one highly enough.

You can grab Grapple Tournament VR on Steam for $14.99. That's a pretty great deal, but another great deal was announced today too: Hitman 3 for PS5 will include a free copy of the PS4 version for use with PSVR!


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