Gorilla Tag gets tons of new mod maps

Gorilla Tag gets tons of new mod maps

A new mod service for the VR sensation, Gorilla Tag, has added dozens of new community made maps and envirronments.

Monke Map Loader is the new tool that allows modders and casual gamers the ability to load in custom maps to the game. It was created by the same team that made Custom Notes. This was a previous tool that allowed players to compose original Beat Saber tracks.

The new custom map loader allows Gorilla Tag players on both PCVR and Oculus Quest headsets access to over a dozen custom multiplayer environments. In fact, at the time of writing, their online hub has 29 maps for players to add to their game.

Here are just a few that we can see in the trailer that the mod team posted on Reddit.

· New York City

· ISS (International Space Station)

· Museum

· Minecraft

· Volcano

· Whomp’s Fortress (Mario Bros.)

· The Voyager

· Kokiri Forest (Legend of Zelda)

· Rainbow Road (Mario Kart)

Like most mods, these maps are all available for free. Anyone with a bit of time and the inclination to improve your Gorilla Tag experience can install the mod for PCVR or Quest headsets.

SteamVR users will have an easier time. All you need to do is use the Monke Mod Manager to download the Monke Map Loader. Then all you need to do to add a new map to your game is drop any new files you download into the BepInEx/plugins/MonkeMapLoader/CustomMaps folder.

It is a little more complicated for Quest users. You need to download and install QuestPatcher. The program should automatically detect your Gorilla Tag app, after which you’ll need to press the Patch my app button. You can browse for mods and install Monke Map Loader. Additional maps can be installed by copying the .gtmap file into the QuestPatcher.


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Andrew Boggs

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