Get ready for the new killer VR app of 2021: Dolphin Trainer VR

Get ready for the new killer VR app of 2021: Dolphin Trainer VR

Do you yearn for cutting edge 1:1 touch and motion controls? Do you need the visceral impact that only a VR game can bring? Do you want to spend several hours in VR training dolphins? Well, as the name might suggest, Dolphin Trainer VR might just be the title for you.

The game is slated for release in Q2 of 2021 and is being developed by Forestlight Games. They are a new Indie developer, with a whole raft of titles currently in development; Wedding Designer, Lifeguard Simulator, Camper Flipper, and of course, The Pope: Power & Sin.

The game is being published by veteran PC simulator publisher PlayWay. They are the publisher behind popular titles like House Flipper, Thief Simulator, and Car Mechanic Simulator.

Dolphin Trainer VR will see you start out as a trainee dolphin trainer earning their bachelor’s degree and SCUBA certification. Eventually you will be able to clean, train and play with the CG aquatic mammals. But, just like all great games, there’s a twist. The last thing you have to do, is free them. The game’s Steam page reads:

Step 5: Rebell [sic] and free the dolphins: Taking captive wild animals, especially so intelligent ones, is not a good thing. You knew that from the beginning. You know how to talk to them, you know the topography of the terrain, it's time to free the dolphins. Let them come back to nature!”

Like most amazing and highly anticipated VR titles, there is no gameplay and the only footage of the game available is a 15-second-long CG proof of concept trailer on YouTube. If you love dolphins and won’t stop fighting until they are free, this might just be the game for you.


Andrew Boggs

Andrew is a Northern Ireland based journalist with a passion for video games. His latest hobby is watching people speedrun Super Mario 64 and realising how bad he is at platformers.

Andrew Boggs

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