VR Sandbox ‘Modbox’ Release Date Finally Revealed

Sandbox creation tool 'Modbox' has finally set a release date, and it's great news for anyone looking to make their own fun in VR.

VR Sandbox ‘Modbox’ Release Date Finally Revealed

I’ve always had a fascination with game creation tools. My most played games were always make-your-own-fun sandboxes and when I discovered Garry’s Mod it was an absolute game changer. Now, finally, the same experience will be available to gamers in VR and I could not be more excited.

Alientrap’s Modbox is “a sandbox with a focus on user creation, physics, modding, and multiplayer.” Originally launched in early access on Steam as a VR only title, the game is now set to make its Desktop/VR debut on September 9th.

Modbox has a release date set for the 9th of September. (Credit: Alientrap)

The game exceeds other ‘make-your-own-fun’ experiences, like Dreams on PSVR or the upcoming Facebook Horizon beta, in two key aspects: depth and versatility. The game is defined by its online collaborative multiplayer support which syncs in real time. In other words, while one player explores a virtual creation, another can be actively manipulating it. The results, as displayed in promo materials, seem absolutely insane.

Physics, models, items and designs are all fully changeable. (Credit: Alientrap)

When the game is released on September 9th, players will be free to begin their own creations or explore the masterworks of others via the steam workshop. Past that, the sky is the limit. Modbox’s main selling point is that everything in the game “is a mod” – changeable and infinitely expandable. For more details, visit the Modbox Steam page.

The first Modbox trailer was released almost five years ago but the game has expanded beyond recognition since then.

All that’s left to see now is if Modbox can pull the spotlight away from Facebook Horizon’s upcoming invite-only beta. But with the way the company is filling the headlines, I highly doubt it.