Floor Plan 2, Turbo Button's Zany VR Puzzler, Is Out Next Month

Floor Plan 2, Turbo Button's Zany VR Puzzler, Is Out Next Month

The zany VR puzzle title, featuring a new cast of wacky characters and unusual challenges to solve, is coming to Quest, Rift and Steam VR next month.

Expect a way expanded experience - with the chance to escape the elevator for the first time and a run time that will clock in at more than five hours long - when the game launches on the 1st of April.

Turbo Button have announced that a sequel to their zany elevator-based VR escape room is to be released next month.

The first Floor Plan was something of a cult-favourite; developed by Turbo Button, it was a VR puzzle game which occurred entirely within an elevator cabin. To progress, players would have to travel from floor to floor, finding items, discovering secrets and meeting a cast of pretty crazy characters.

Each floor featured a unique tone, environment and original challenges to overcome. The new Floor Plan sequel will build on this, allowing you to step outside the elevator and interact more deeply with the environments you find yourself in.

You can already tell that the new comedy adventure game is expanding its escape room inspiration even more than the original. This will come out in gameplay, too. The original only took around an hour to play through, whereas the sequel will sport a main story which could last more than five hours.

When you've finished it, Turbo Button have revealed that you will be able to play it again with remixed puzzles, extending the challenge even further. They've also announced at least one DLC available for free.

Floor Plan 2, Turbo Button's Zany VR Puzzler, will release next month for Quest, Rift and PC VR: on the 1st of April 2021.

But don't feel too left out PS VR folks: Turbo Button have revealed that a version will be coming to PlayStation VR soon - or at least that they are currently working on it.

And if that's not enough to get you excited, how about the latest announcement from Mark Zuckerberg: the future of VR at Facebook-Oculus is bright, and will include a potential Oculus Quest 3 & Oculus Quest 4.


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