First time buyers of the Oculus Quest 2 will get Asgard’s Wrath for free

First time buyers of the Oculus Quest 2 will get Asgard’s Wrath for free

Now, just over a month after the release of the headset, Oculus are offering their first deal. New purchases of the Oculus Quest 2 will also come with a free copy of the Oculus Rift game Asgard’s Wrath.

This new deal is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Oculus Link. From November 20th until January 31stanyone who purchases the headset will have the chance to redeem the offer. Unfortunately, the offer has not been extended to early adopters who purchased the headset before the 20th.

Asgard’s Wrath is not a Quest title so you will have to own a PC powerful enough to run it. If you do, the set up for the Quest 2 is fairly simple.  According to the Oculus blog post:

“Just make sure you have the Oculus PC App installed, use any Link-compatible cable (whether Oculus or third-party) to connect a newly activated Quest 2, and then check your Rift library to download the title at no cost.”

The game is a 40+ hour single player action game steeped in Norse mythology, you play a young god attempting to best challenges handed to you by Loki, the god of mischief. To become the God of Animals you must venture into the world of men and best trials by inhabiting the bodies of mere mortals. The gameplay is a mixture of puzzle solving and close-range combat. At various points in the game you can use your godly powers to transform animals into AI warriors who can fight by your side.

Now that Oculus Link is out of beta, you can play PC VR titles on the Quest 2 in 72, 80, or 90Hz refresh rates depending on how your current PC can handle the titles. If you decide that streaming Rift titles to your Quest is the way to go, check out games like; Medal of Honour: Above and Beyond, Lone Echo, or Stormland.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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