First post-release patch for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

First post-release patch for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Just days after the release of the VR exclusive Medal of Honor title, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, they have launched their first patch for the game. Normally this sort of news would be drowned out in the sea of VR releases and updates but the recent issues with games releasing in an unfinished state (*cough* Cyberpunk 2077 *cough*) has brought this sort of post-game support to the forefront of our minds.

Update 1.19 is now live and brings with it a whole host of quick fixes for quality-of-life issues that we have had with the game. The biggest improvement by far is the introduction of smooth turning in the game. If you are unable to turn your body physically in the space, you would have to rely on blink turning. This is workable but the fact that the screen would turn black while you turn in the game can break the feeling of immersion.

They have also removed the annoying victory screens from the loading screens, they will only show them at the very end of the missions. They have unlocked all content in the gallery, you would have previously had to unlock them over the course of your time in the campaign, but they are now accessible from the minute you boot up the game.

The rest of the update could be lumped under quality of life and as the announcement calls it “under the hood fixes and optimizations”.

• No longer need to choose "Equip" when selecting a multiplayer avatar.

• In Multiplayer menus, fixed an issue with the party invite Accept and Decline buttons being difficult to press.

• When launching the game for the first time, the initial Options menu now displays correct localized text.

• Fixed a respawn issue with the landmines in the Mission 2 Live Fire Gauntlet.

• Fixed an issue with truck collision in the Avalanche level.


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Andrew Boggs

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