First big VR announcement of 2021: Mare is coming to Oculus Quest

First big VR announcement of 2021: Mare is coming to Oculus Quest

The new game from Visiontrick Media, Mare, is coming to Oculus Quest at the very beginning of the year. No specific date has been set for the release but their page on the Oculus Store has been updated and to Coming Soon.

The game was announced years ago and for a long time it seemed like the game might have been stuck in development limbo. The last anyone had heard about the title being developed for the Oculus was an announcement in 2016 that stated it was being developed for Oculus platforms. Now, over four years later, the game is finally being released.

Mare is a VR game by way of Japan Studio and Team Ico. Despite the game being VR, it plays out as a third person adventure, you control a mechanical bird and help an AI young girl make her way through mysterious and unknown lands.

If this reminds you of games like Ico or The Last Guardian, that should be a good thing. This game is obviously very inspired by Team Ico games, from the gameplay, which consists of motion-controlled puzzles and mysterious exploration, to the visual style.

According to the developer’s website, this is what we can expect from the game:

· Explore the vast and strange landscapes by the means of an artificial bird.

· Guide and protect a vulnerable AI companion on her unexpected adventure.

· Let the curiosity of the companion inspire you to explore and discover the underlying narrative spanning over 8 chapters.

· Immerse yourself in the ambient atmosphere and otherworldly music for a soothing experience.

· Search for lost artifacts hidden throughout the world in order to unlock the final secret of Mare.

If the Quest 2 can bring enough processing power and good looks to the game, we might be looking at an early GOTY contender for 2021.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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