Finger Gun: An Oculus Quest 2 shooter that uses hand tracking.

Finger Gun: An Oculus Quest 2 shooter that uses hand tracking.

Miru Studio is running a Kickstarter campaign for the new game Finger Gun. The game is a first-person shooter that is designed around the hand tracking technology in the new Quest 2.

In this western themed game, you take control of a Sheriff that can turn his fingers into guns. His town has been taken over by a gang of evil robots and he will have to use his gun hands to take them out and save the town.

The team at Miru Studio has partnered with Oculus Start, a program created by the company to help beginner VR developers get a head start in the industry. Despite the help from Oculus Start, they still need funding from backers on Kickstarter. Their lowest goal is €11,000 for the last stages of development. The campaign will last until December 12th.

They also have some interesting stretch goals:

“At 12.000€: We will design new enemies for Finger Gun: from 3D models and animations to new behaviours and unique features.

At 15.000€: Finger Gun will get it's own skin system! We will design up to 10 different skins for the revolvers, besides the Bronze, Silver and Gold skin that are included in the Gunman, Cowboy and Sheriff packs, respectively.

At 17.000€: We will add a brand new gun to the game: the Remington Shotgun. Instead of two independent revolvers, the player will have to use both hands in a coordinated way to play with this new gun.

At 20.000€: Finger Gun will get new gamemodes and levels. We will receive feedback from the backers and implement the most voted gamemodes and at least 5 new levels.

And at 25.000€... Finger Gun - Multiplayer!”

This will be one to watch in the coming year. If the team can develop a reliable and playable hand tracking game, it could become far more widespread. The fact that it is a small fledgling studio does not instil much hope. The trailer looks good and what sort of quality title they can produce remains to be seen.

If you are interested in the title and want to check it out, you can pledge €15 or more for a copy of Finger Gun at Early Access. The game is confirmed for the Quest but the company also plans to release the game for SteamVR.


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Andrew Boggs

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