Fallout 4 VR: YouTuber Creates Overhaul Mod That Makes The Game... Actually Pretty Good!

This Fallout 4 VR overhaul makes the game more like an immersive survival game: removing the compass, VATS and the HUD, and improving combat in every way.

Fallout 4 VR: YouTuber Creates Overhaul Mod That Makes The Game... Actually Pretty Good!

YouTuber GingasVR has just released a new trailer for their total Fallout VR Essentials Overhaul Mod, a mod-pack that improves the game in pretty much every way.

However, the mod also makes the game more like an immersive survival experience: removing the compass, VATS and the HUD. It also turns the NPCs into something other than sitting ducks... so it's no walk in the park.

We all remember Fallout 4 VR. It was pretty problematic and it required an exceptional amount of tweaking (or, rather, optimising) to be even vaguely enjoyable. Since then, it has come quite a long way. Now, it's essentially a competent VR port of a pretty fantastic game.

But there's a reason I say 'competent' and not 'brilliant'... or even 'good'. Even to date, mods can turn this game from a bit of a disappointment to an absolutely exceptional VR experience.

Now, we have another mod to add to the list of 'fan-made changes that make Fallout 4' brilliant, and it comes in the form of an amazing overhaul mod from GingasVR: which turns the game into an intense hardcore survival experience.

[FO4] I spent the last year creating an overhaul for Fallout VR that makes it a less terrible VR game from FalloutMods

Among the edits Gingas makes to the game are, most importantly, optimisation and stability changes which fix all the basic problems with the base game. However, it also adds better hand modelling with pretty awesome looking VR Pip-Boy interactions.

Most impressively, there are a lot of brilliant combat fixes that make combat a lot more immersive. It changes VATS to a VR 'bullet-time' mode, it improves the accuracy of Fallout 4's VR weapons, and it makes the AI a whole lot smarter: with complex strategies, new guns & weapons, and a particularly dramatic edit that makes every single NPC a potential foe.

If you're impressed with this overhaul - and let's be honest, you probably should be - be sure to check out GingasVR on YouTube, Twitch, or consider becoming a supporter on Patreon! If you'd like to try the overhaul out for yourself, you can find out everything you need to know about the mod in the ReadMe here. Be warned: to run the mod-pack, you'll  also need to own all the official DLCs from the flatscreen version of Fallout 4 on Steam.

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