Facebook to Require Login on Oculus Devices

Facebook to Require Login on Oculus Devices

If you’ve been following Oculus VR news over the six years since Facebook acquired the company, you may be familiar with the founder’s promise that users would not be required to login into their Facebook accounts in order to use the device.

In March of 2014, Palmer Luckey offered a “guarantee” on Reddit, which users quickly pointed out was meaningless given his lack of control over future policies.‌

That promise is coming back to haunt him following an August 18th announcement where Oculus stated that “Everyone using an Oculus device for the first time will need to log in with a Facebook account.”‌

Existing VR users who already have Oculus accounts can continue logging in with them for now, but those accounts will only be supported through the end of 2022. At that point, you will need to log in through Facebook to continue accessing the “full functionality” of your Oculus device.‌

Unsurprisingly, Facebook and Oculus are presenting this development as a feature rather than as a bug.‌

The statement claims that “giving people a single way to log into Oculus—using their Facebook account and password—will make it easier to find, connect, and play with friends in VR….this change will make it possible to integrate many of the features people know and love on Facebook. It will also allow us to introduce more Facebook powered multiplayer and social experiences coming soon in VR...”‌
‌Needless to say, many consumers have a different perspective on the new requirement. One Reddit user emphatically wrote “The second you require me to have a Facebook account to use an oculus product is the same second I will stop using my oculus product and will never purchase one again.” Only time will tell whether the backlash will be strong or sustained enough to make Facebook reconsider the policy.

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