Facebook halt Oculus sales in Germany amid Growing Frustration

Facebook halt Oculus sales in Germany amid Growing Frustration

Facebook have halted sales of their Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest headsets following harsh words from German data regulators. This follows the company's decision to require Facebook logins on their headsets by 2023.

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In a statement issued in German, the company explained: "we have paused the sale of Oculus products in Germany because of upcoming discussions with German regulatory authorities. We cannot give details at this time, but we are confident that sales can continue soon."

Hamburg's data protection commissioner criticised the policy in a statement to German news site Heise. "From the point of view of the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection ... the obligation to create a Facebook account is legally extremely questionable, at least for those who have already bought a headset."

Credit: Facebook-Oculus

The negative response to the decision was intense and widespread. One reddit mega-thread from when the news first broke continues to be replenished daily with harsh criticism. "As many others have pointed out," one user wrote today, "there are major privacy concerns that also go with forcing users to sign in through Facebook." "There go my plans of getting a Quest," wrote another, "Facebook is toxic and there is no way I'm ever getting a Facebook account."


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