The developers of Pokémon GO may have just teased some AR Glasses

The developers of Pokémon GO may have just teased some AR Glasses

The CEO of the studio behind Pokémon GO, Niantic, tweeted out an image that may be AR glasses with the company’s name on the side.

CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, wrote in the tweet: “Exciting to see the progress we’re making to enable new kinds of devices that leverage our platform...”. The image showed a pair of glasses with an in-built speaker and the company name.

With only one teaser image release so far, we don’t have much to go on, but AR glasses would be a natural next step for a company that specialises in AR game development. It could be a fully fleshed out AR headset or simply a more basic pair of smart glasses.

If it is an AR headset, we could see the implementation of things like spatial and hand-tracking capabilities as well as a wider field of view. On the other hand, if it is a pair of smart glasses, it would be a bit more basic heads-up display providing digital information in a user’s vision, like the now cancelled Google Glass.

It’s likely that these new glasses will be used to supplement the current slate of games by the studio. We could see them in use for Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and the recently announced Pikmin AR mobile game.

It’s not the first time that Niantic has dipped their toes into the world of AR and MR headsets. Niantic showed off Pokémon GO in mixed reality during Microsoft Ignite at the beginning of March. It was a proof of concept piece for the HoloLens 2 and it showed Hanke walking around a real life garden and interacting with different Pokémon.

Hopefully Niantic expands their AR games outside of mobile titles, it would be great to see what these sorts of developers could do with their own headsets.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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