Destroy Absolutely Everything in Sight with StressOut, now in Open Beta

Destroy Absolutely Everything in Sight with StressOut, now in Open Beta

London-based VRmadillo's absolutely catastrophic stress relief experience, StressOut, will enter open beta this weekend on Steam and Viveport.

The premise behind the casual arcade-style destruction game is simple: you find yourself in a shopping mall, frozen in time. The one way to escape - destroy everything in sight in the time allotted.

Explore the shopping mall and destroy everything in sight. (Credit: VRmadillo)

In a press statement, developer VRmadillo explained:

“You see, it’s in our nature, or at least it was when we were kids, to try and break things. Then we are taught that we’re not supposed to do that, as people tend to get mad at you. If you break stuff as an adult, there are consequences. You have to reimburse the owner and perhaps even get a fine from the authorities. That’s why we created StressOut, a world where one can go beyond the limitations of the real world."

Players will be able to chose between melee-style weapons and supernatural abilities to destroy with. But the developers have also revealed that the game isn't just about mindless destruction; when faced with "tough moral choices designed by an evil AI wristwatch," "players will find out that they weren't the first ones in this twisted world of StressOut."

When they said tough moral choices they weren't kidding... (Credit: VRmadillo)

The StressOut Open Beta will run over the weekend from the 9th to the 12th of October. It will be available from Steam and Viveport and will support Oculus Rift, Valve Index and HTC Vive headsets. The Beta can be accessed via the company's website, found here.

Participating in the OpenBeta will give players access to exclusive builds and receiving a shout-out in the final game. The 'most impactful' beta testers will also be rewarded with "a statuette in the game's secret room as well as a full copy of the game" when it fully releases later this year.

"We challenge you to smash everything," the developer says in a press statement. "We challenge you to have fun."


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