Could Dinosaur Horror Goner Be Coming to VR Anytime Soon?

Could Dinosaur Horror Goner Be Coming to VR Anytime Soon?

This game is a survival horror in which players have to fight to survive an island packed full with hungry creatures. The plot is centered on Anthony Sunders (whose shoes the player wears) who has found himself on a mysterious island while in search of his mother who had gone missing together with her expedition.  The island is filled with deadly plants and animals as well as a hostile and lost civilization. While searching for clues as to her whereabouts, you have to scavenge for supplies and try to survive in the midst of fiery creatures. You will need to build traps and weapons to give you an edge or cover your self in items that mask your smell from your predators.

The game also features some safe spots which can be saved provided that you find some flints. These safe spots maybe caves or high tree branches. You can hide in these places for the night or make plans for your next course of action. This game by Loco Players, Spanish developers who launched a Kickstarter funding campaign at the start of August, 2020 to support the “Goner” project which has now become a reality. This has led to other goals which they also hope to achieve as soon as is feasible.

The aim of the Kickstarter was to raise a little over £ 22,000 at the start which they were able to do with their now 517 backers. However, the company still has a long way to go as regards the stretch goals that they have which include VR support, mod support, another biome, and more creatures. They hope to be able to achieve this when the crowd-funding reaches the £ 190,000 mark. The Kickstarter funding campaign is slated to end on the 10th of September. This means that there is still sometime for more backers to join the bandwagon.


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