Combat flight sim Project Wingman launching December 1st with SteamVR support

Combat flight sim Project Wingman launching December 1st with SteamVR support

The upcoming combat flight sim for PC, Project Wingman will launch next week on December 1st. The game can be played via a monitor, but the developers have confirmed that VR support for the title will be available from launch.

Project Wingman is a Kickstarter funded combat flight sim that will allow players to take control of a variety of fighter jets across different missions.

In an update to their Kickstarter backers, the developers outlined their vision and plans for implementation of VR

“There’s not really much to say without descending into the flowery PR speak of “FULL IMMERSION” and “FEEL LIKE YOU’RE REALLY IN THE COCKPIT”.

“VR support in Project Wingman is a 1:1 experience with traditional players, asides from the fact that, for obvious reasons, you’re limited to a cockpit point of view at all times ingame as you are seeing the game through your very eyes.

“This might be underselling it, but it is what it is: You can play Project Wingman fully in VR through the Steam VR and Oculus.

“All the content, sights and sounds and gameplay, it’s there for ya’, so go nuts.

“HOTAS support as well, that’s pretty simple. As long as Windows 10 reads it from DirectInput, you can bind it. Racing wheel enthusiasts and guitar controllers, go right at it if you want.

“Fun fact, we did test motion controls, as in virtual joysticks, a while back, but it never went past the testing phase. If there’s enough demand we can try reinvestigating it, of course, as it was an interesting novelty, and an option for those of us without controllers.”

The game looks good, and if you are a fan of games like Ace Combat or even plain-Jane flight sims like X-Plane this should be on your radar. Obviously, if you want to check out the VR component you will need a beefier rig than the minimum system requirements on the Steam page. Lead developer Abi Rahmani posted his own specs that ran the game at “very playable frame rates cranked all the way up at 150% render scaling.”

· Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600

· Memory: 16GB DDR4 at 2133MHz

· GPU: GTX 1070


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