Co-Founder of The Void announces his new VR attraction: Skydiving

Co-Founder of The Void announces his new VR attraction: Skydiving

James Jensen, co-founder of VR attraction company The Void, has recently announced his new VR company, JUMP. They plan to bring the feeling of skydiving and flying in a wingsuit into the VR space.

According to Jensen, since his departure from The Void in 2018 he as been working as the CEO of JUMP. Until now they have been operating under the radar and until this week there had been no buzz about them.

Apart from the short introduction video little is known about the company or the experience. The website claims that participants will “perform one of the world’s most dangerous and technically difficult stunts with little to no training, no parachuting experience, no cost for equipment and setup, and no risk of death trying to pull it off.”

In order to simulate the feeling of skydiving, user will suit up in an official certified wingsuit and wear a VR headset integrated into what looks like a facsimile of a skydiving helmet. The promotional images on the website seem to show that the headset is tethered and will cover at least half of your face.

The team behind JUMP has some impressive names. John Gaeta is advising the project; he has an astounding resume that includes pioneering the “bullet time” visual effects used in the Matrix films. Luke Aikens and Marshall Miller are both professional skydivers with a combined total of over 28,000 real life jumps.  Even the Head Rigger for Cirque du Soleil, Jim Shumway, is part of the project. This raises some interesting questions about how the company is planning to simulate the experience of skydiving.

Little is known about the project right now, but we can expect more information in the coming months. Starting an in-person VR experience this year is a risky move but with all the talent behind it, it looks like they will have a head start.

Locations for the JUMP experience will be listed sometime in 2021.


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Andrew Boggs

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