Check out VAIL VR, a new VR shooter with full body animation

Check out VAIL VR, a new VR shooter with full body animation

A new VR tactical first-person shooter has been announced by AEXLAB. VAIL VR is a 5v5, online-multiplayer VR shooter centred around tactical gunplay and team collaboration. Their focus for the new game is full-body animation. Many games make do with a floating pair of hands or, at most, wrists. This new shooter wants to deliver an accurate approximation of your real-world body.

The most important part of their full-body animation is the fact that they are going to do it without any other tracking hardware. No plastic pucks strapped to your arms and legs.

VAIL VR will feature two game modes, Team Deathmatch and Artifact. Team Deathmatch does what it says on the tin, two teams of five compete against one another to rack up the most kills. Artifactis their core focus and it features a full-scale ELO ranking system with automated tournaments and ladder structure.

The game is being developed by an indie studio launched in 2015, AEXLAB.Their stated goal is to create meaningful technologies that make people feel present and connected in virtual worlds for gaming, training, simulation and more.

In an official press release on their upcoming game, Jonathan Ovadia, CEO of AEXLAB wrote:

“We believe VAIL set the foundation for the next generation of first-person shooting games. It’s in virtual reality, multiplayer, incredibly fine-tuned, and realistic. While we’ve seen realistic VR shooters in the past, none bring them to a tactical, multiplayer experience with this level of combat. We believe VAIL moves the needle forward.”

Elizabeth Ann Clark, Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer at AEXLAB also spoke about their aims for VAIL VR:

“As a lifetime gamer there’s something I’ve realized that’s always been missing, and that is that sense of presence. Here at AEXLAB we’re creating that sense of presence and allowing people to connect in a fully immersive social way.”


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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