Wolfenstein 3D VR Port Out Now On SideQuest - Check it Out!

Wolfenstein 3D VR Port Out Now On SideQuest - Check it Out!

Developers have now included the fan favourite Wolfenstein 3D to the sideloaded QuestZDoom game launcher. Interested? Here's how to play it for yourself...

By this point, everyone is familiar with DrBeef's QuestZDoom mod launcher. It allows users to play free VR ports of their favourite 90s titles - including DOOM (1993), DOOM II (1995), Heretic (1994), and Hexen: Beyond Heretic (1995) - using a modded engine which makes them compatible with full roomscale VR.

Now, DrBeef has come in clutch once again: including QuestZDoom support for a "fan recreation" of iD's 1992 FPS classic Wolfenstein 3D.

If you're already feeling the nostalgia, head over to SideQuest and get QuestZDoom updated. If you're not feeling the nostalgia, what's wrong with you? (Credit: iD)

How can you go about getting QuestZDoom? Well, the guys over at UploadVR have published a handy guide to sideloading for the first time. If you're already familiar with SideQuest, you'll need to download two pieces of software: the QuestZDoom Launcher & the QuestZDoom Engine. If you already have them installed, just head over to SideQuest and check for updates. Once you're up-to-date, you should have Wolfenstein 3D in glorious VR waiting to be conquered.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen Wolfenstein 3D in VR. Further Beyond Studio's port for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality was received well by fans. If you've not got an Oculus Quest 2, or if you've got a powerful enough computer and an Oculus Link cable, it may be worth a look.

Further Beyond Studio's Wolfenstein 3D port is a great time - check it out here. (Credit: iD)

If you don't want to go through the hassle of sideloading your Quest, don't fret. Yesterday's announcement that developers now have the ability to share unlisted Quest apps without going through the Oculus Store approval process may soon provide the answer.


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