Carmack teases 120Hz support for Quest 2

Carmack teases 120Hz support for Quest 2

A recent tweet from John Carmack hints at the potential of 120Hz support for the Oculus Quest 2 or other upcoming headsets.

The tweet was referencing a recent announcement from the Oculus Developers Twitter account. They were discussing the recent rollout of the 90Hz update for the Quest 2. Previously all Quest 2 games ran at a locked 72Hz, the same as the original Quest headset. Facebook had announced that the Quest supported 90Hz but the only apps that could run at the higher refresh rate at launch were Oculus Home, Oculus Browser, and Passthrough.

Now, with the v23 update, apps and games can run at 90Hz provide they update the apps to support the higher refresh rate. Many apps on the system already supported 90Hz in preparation for the update but the new tweet from Carmack hints that perhaps an even more improved rate could be on the way.

“Important point: Don’t just default to the highest frame rate available, or your app will likely run poorly if we release 120 FPS support. With only two headsets, you should explicitly test different resolution / framerate / rendering feature sets.”

It looks like Carmack is making sure that developers are future-proofing their games. He did not make it clear that the 120Hz update would be for the new Quest 2 but the fact that he is talking about 120Hz support so early in the lifecycle of the product it could potentially be an update on the roadmap. It was reportedthat Facebook was testing 120Hz capability for the Quest 2 but may have capped it at 90Hz because of battery life issues.

We have previously reported on the new v23 update for the Quest 2. Not only did they introduce the 90Hz refresh rate, but they also added their new VR fitness tracker Oculus Move and the ability to gift games to your friends.


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